December 11

The Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Service

Cleanliness and organization are two important aspects of running a successful business. Even the most talented businessman or businesswoman will have a difficult time performing in a cluttered office full of dirt and grime. With this in mind, many companies will hire a janitorial service to come in on a regular basis and tidy up the office and its surroundings.
Cleaning companies will provide a wide array of services, some of which include:
A Around the office chores: Like a home, an office building will experience daily wear-and-tear. Workers will track in dirt, spill their drinks, and throw paper on the floor (in an attempt to make it in the trash bin). All the small things that are done to keep a household clean should be done in an office, and janitorial services will dust desks, sweep, mop, and vacuum floors, and do an overall tidying of every area in an office each night.
A Clean the bathrooms: Office buildings tend to have relatively large bathrooms with many stalls, urinals (in the men’s room) and sinks. Cleaning services will not make these bathrooms sanitary, but will also replace supplies as needed. (Paper supplies, Toilet paper, toilet seat covers, hand soap, urinal cakes, etc.)

A Emptying the trash: Most offices have a high number of trash receptacles. Janitorial service workers can be hired to walk through offices nightly and empty every trash bin, including the ones underneath each desk, those in the bathroom, and even the trash cans filled with lunch remnants in the break room.
A Window Cleaning: Businesses that are located in high-rise office buildings will be forced to have their windows professionally cleaned at least once a year. Many industrial cleaning companies offer a high-rise window cleaning service, a job that requires specialized equipment build to wash windows on the 10th floor and above.
Hiring a janitorial service company will not only increase the efficiency of an office, but will also allow for a clean and comfortable work environment.

September 15

The True Value Of Handmade Silk Ties

Some may balk at the asking price of branded silk ties, questioning, is it just the name we?re paying for, only true to a point. There is a lot more than meets the eye inherent in a handmade, or machine made tie, each priced accordingly.

Quality by degrees, the difference between handmade, or machine made, silk count, individuality, and general specifications: The interlining, muslin, and wool, or synthetic fibre: Tipping; silk or taffeta: The make; labelling, elf loop, stitching.

My aim was to draw comparison between handmade and machine made in less than 600 words. Having interacted at all points along the supply chain, from design concept to retail, I had to learn the basic constructs of a tie and its components before I could honestly profess knowledge on the subject.

A hand made is identifiable by opening up the small tip at the narrow end, you will notice a small thread of cotton looped. This is known as the slip thread, and, in spite of technological advances in the sartorial trades can only be achieved by very skilful hands, its labour intensive, hence the additional cost.

Another thing worth mention is you can get only tow ties out of one meter of fabric.

From it are three pieces, known as the blade, the gusset and the under end; threaded together correctly intently to prevent the tie from twisting.

The slip thread will ensure many years? good knottage and spring back into shape after every use. And there is less friction too, extending its life span.

Now the scale of economies starts to favour.

However not all budgets can stretch so far, in these cases a good machine made will suffice quite adequately, besides most laymen cannot tell the difference, or even distinguish between silk and polyester.

The choice of fabrics from Italy, England, China and Japan are enviable, offering and infinite selection of finely woven silks in any colour and pattern combination you heart could possibly desire.

They too vary according to silk count and dying method, either weighted dyes or acid.

English weavers choose acid dyes, which result in an iridescent three dimensional appearance, un-weighted; they require a much higher silk count to achieve density, resulting in a raw brilliance and luxurious handle quite unique to England. Most Savile row tailors and many internationally renowned brands cut a regular path to the doorways of these bespoke weavers scattered sparsely throughout the country side.

Italian weavers are a completely different culture, preferring the muffled colours given off by gum based dyes. And the choice of colours is muted in comparison, shades of greys and blacks, or at the other end of the scale soft pastel colours. Italian style is governed by North South.

No one can compete with China on sheer mass production, affording the masses a little luxury; 100% silk ties.

Now days China is working more in coalition with the west and less in competition, as there are mutual benefits to be shared and past on to the customer.

In conclusion; there is no accounting for taste, suited to style, no matter how great or small the cost.

Here are a few brands that stand out from all the others; Zegna, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Simon Carter, Duchamp and Victoria Richards. Other noteworthy names; available mainly online; Shane McCoubrey, Ian Flaherty, Patrick McMurray, Mira and Michelsons. All adhere to key elements of good design and have a constant ebb and flow of styles.

On the cufflinks front, well that?s another story on its own.

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August 15

Show Your Greek Side

There are many sororities and fraternities on most college campuses across the United States and abroad. And while the members of these organizations tend to stick together they also need a way to show their pride and let the rest of campus know to which sorority or fraternity they belong. One way to do so is with Greek clothing. There are lots of different types of sorority clothing and fraternity clothing including sweatshirts, t-shirts, flip flops, and other accessories like picture frames and candles. But, when would you ever need Greek clothing? There are actually quite a few occasions!

Greek Week
Most college campuses have Greek week so it is only fitting that each sorority and fraternity have their very own t-shirts with their Greek letters on them. That way everyone on campus knows who is in Sigma Pi and who is in Kappa Alpha as well as the rest of the houses. Not to mention it is a great way for fraternities and sororities to remember Greek week.

Greeks are known for having several events each year. These include fundraisers, walks, dances, parties, parents’ weekend, and more. All of these events are worth remembering and Greek clothing is a wonderful way to do so.

The biggest event that takes place in the Greek society each fall, and sometimes in the Spring as well, is rush. This is when all of the new pledges find a fraternity or sorority they want to be part of and go through a series of activities to pledging that particular house. At the end of rush some of the rushes become new members of the sorority or fraternity they rushed. A great way to commemorate this event is with a t-shirt or picture frame with Greek letters and a picture of the pledge class.

Other Greek accessories like candles, picture frames, mugs, and the like make wonderful gifts to family and friends as well as other sorority or fraternity members. Commemorating your brotherhood or sisterhood with a Greek gift is always a good idea and one that will be appreciated.
There are certainly many other occasions where Greek clothing and Greek accessories would come in hand. For example, license plate covers, car stickers, key chains, and the like are all enjoyed by members of sororities and fraternities. Everyone wants to show his or her pride and a wonderful way to do is with this type of item.

July 15

The ‘get It Right’ 80s Vintage Guide

Well it’s official, the eighties are back with a vengeance! Love it or hate it, we guarantee you’ll succumb to at least one eighties trend by the end of the year!

Sure you can pick up some eighties inspired fashion from a high street chain or designer label, but why not go all out authentic (and save a packet) but buying original vintage?

With a whole array of vintage to choose from, from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in-between, how can you be sure you get it just right? In this guide we explore the eighties trends you should be following and how to wear them at their best…

Acid Wash Denim
Very Agness Deyn, acid wash denim is back and as punchy as ever. We’ve seen some glorious mini dresses, skirts, shorts and ripped jeans, all of which can be found in there original vintage form. And if you’re handy with a Singer, find some vintage acid wash jeans and make your own hot pants or mini for the summer. Don’t forget jackets too, keep them cropped and fitted or blazer shape for a look that’s bang on trend.

Available in both long and short sleeves, the batwing has made a few appearances in recent years, so if you’re lucky you might already own one. This time it’s all about the colour, pattern and detail. Stripes, polka dots, nudes and sparkles are most definitely in. Material can be thick and knitted or fine and silky. The ever flattering batwing can also be used in the multi layer look, perfectly versitile.

Bold Colour
Neons are fab and oh so hot, but as long as it’s bright, block and in no way understated, then you’re right where you need to be. This trends are bound to build momentum as the summer months approach, so get buying now. Clashing is encouraged so get creative. We’re talking orange dress, cerise heels and lime accessories ? but if you’re brave enough to carry this off then don’t forget the St.Tropez!

We’ve all had enough of the doom and gloom, so glitz and glamour has been reignited to make us all feel extra special! Sequins make an appearance on many other looks – jumpsuits, blazers and one shoulder dresses. You can find lots of sequinned eighties vintage gems, or buy something plain and get customising!

Not for the faint hearted, zips are mega eighties and mega trashy! Best in black, look for tops, dresses, jackets and skirts with oversize or contrast colour zip detail. This is one trend that must be kept in isolation, don’t mix multiple zipped separates if you want to keep your chic factor.

Polka Dots
Think Grease, Fame and Barbie. Polka dots are a cute and easy to find print that can be mixed, matched and worn in any colour combo. Best kept to dresses and skirts, but found on some snappy little blouses, polka is even more tongue in cheek than the first time round. For extra punch, try oversize dots and for sleek summer tailoring go for tiny ditsy print.

One Shoulder
A one shoulder dress will blast you into the outer fashion stratosphere and beyond. Seen all over the latest red carpets, this look has just the right balance of sex appeal, glamour and class. For fun holiday wear try a micro mini one shoulder dress or a printed one shoulder play suit. For the pinnacle of evening wear chic, go for an all out floor length gown in simple shimmering fabric.

Never to be confused with the (very naff) catsuit, your jumpsuit should be big and blousey. Shoulder pads or overworked shoulders are good, buttons are great and drawstrings and sequins add glamour and grace. Make sure your jumpsuit can be pulled in at the waist and keep trousers wide, not tapered. For the summer months, go for a sweet and sexy short playsuit (loads of pretty prints available) This wearable trend could take you right through to 2010 so invest wisely. Or just buy enough to feed your fix all year! No decent vintage boutique or website will be without these all-in-one gems so get searching… NOW!

If you don’t own one already then you need to get shopping! The perfect item to give your outfit that tailored or boyfriend edge. A masculine shape is preferable, tartans and checks are edgier and big buttons are a must! Dark colours will be more versatile but don’t be afraid to try bright whites, electric blues or ruby reds!

So there we have it, our distinct guide to wearing eighties trends the right way. These rebirths can go horribly wrong but with a little guidance you can make them work in your favour. And remember, the best thing about buying vintage is the reassurance that you’ll be the only girl wearing that outfit. And we all know how great that feels….

June 15

Innovations On The Swimwear

Through the years the swimwear has definitely evolve. What used to cover women taking a swim in the beach are now becoming smaller and teensy weensy covering only small parts of the body. But most guys would have to admit though that going to the beach is a bit more fun especially with a spectacular view of sexy women in their bikinis or swimwear that look absolutely great.

As the needs of the people change so has the swimwear. In fact, you can find swimwear in a variety of fabrics nowadays and swimsuit manufacturers are continually innovating, creating new designs and even new technology just to create the perfect swimming line for women out there.

Consumers are always after the value for their money and so manufacturers are constantly discovering new textiles to make the swimwear last longer and to withstand the damaging effects of chlorine in pools or the salt from the sea. Women are now looking for swimwear that not only look great on them but are also durable and made of good quality materials.

Nowadays you will find swimwear that helps block ultra violet light. I guess the creation of such came about after so many people have been diagnosed with skin cancer with frequent exposure to the sun. As we are all aware of, many people enjoy hanging out at the beach to enjoy the heat after experiencing cold winter months. Many spend prolonged time of sunbathing under the scorching rays of the sun. This calls for the use of sunscreen products as well as swimwear and clothes with UV protection that help shield us from the harmful ultra violet rays. Besides clothes like these are not only applicable when we go to the beach, we can even use them when we spend time outdoors.

Some swimwear can even block to as much as 90% thereby helping prevent skin cell damage. The suit even continues to block the UV rays even if it is wet unlike that of sunscreen that often gets washed off when we take a dip in the beach or the pool. This is the reason why we need to retouch on sunscreen.

In addition to the suits, there are light jackets and sarongs that are also UV blocking to enable you to still have that chic and stylish look.

The market is truly filled with a lot of swimwear styles and designs to choose from to cater to almost every need that anybody would easily get confused on what to purchase. Who knows what more these swimwear manufacturers would think of next.

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May 15

Baby Doll Lingerie Emphasises And Supports Your Bust As Well As Showing Off Your Rear.

A Baby doll is a short night gown consisting of a robe or loose top and matching bottoms. This lingerie is often trimmed with lace, ruffles, fur, bows and ribbons. Sometimes you can also find spaghetti straps.

The top is normally loose fitting and is usually just below the bust line and is short, ending at or just below your rear. Baby doll sets are available in a wide variety of fabrics from silk, satin to sheer lace.

A baby doll nightie with will provide support for your breasts while letting you flaunt what you got below. Baby doll lingerie is flattering and feminine and puts emphasise on the bust and takes the attention off your waist.

Baby Doll Lingerie In Pinstripe And Lace

This type of baby doll lingerie has stretch lace and micro fiber stripe and adjustable straps. This set includes matching thongs and costs around ?22.47.

Baby Doll Lingerie In Chantilly Lace

This baby doll piece and thong are made from Chantilly lace. This has a lace up front and black floral lace with spaghetti straps and costs around ?19.66. A really sexy piece!

Satin Baby Doll Item And Thong Panty

This item is made from stretch satin and comes with a side slit hem. It also has spaghetti straps and black lace trimmings. A thong panty is also available with this set and costs around ?19.00.

BabyDoll in Lace Fishnet

This is an attractive baby doll piece with lace and fishnet. This baby doll dress has a ribbon lace up in front and costs around ?13.00.

Baby Doll Dress With A G-String In Sheer Chiffon

This type of baby doll dress is made from sheer chiffon, with floral embroidered accents. It also has a sheer gathered front. This has adjustable straps and matching G-strings and costs around ?21.00.

Blush Baby Doll Lingerie Pieces

This is a sheer baby doll piece which has a front ribbon fastening. The lace top fishnet holdups provide added beauty to this baby doll dress and costs around ?35.

Baby doll lingerie items come in various styles and fantastic colours. You will be sure to have a fantastic time with this piece of sexy lingerie.

April 15

Maternity Clothes Not Only Comfortable But Also A Bit Fashionable

At the time of pregnancy, you require to choose the appropriate kind of maternity clothes that are not only comfortable but also a bit fashionable. Well, the fact is that sooner you start shopping for the maternity clothes, the better it is. There is absolutely no point in jostling to squeeze your body to get into your regular clothes. Comfortable maternity clothes have a number of benefits. These clothes even decrease your chances of experiencing morning sickness.

You need to consider some factors before going for the right kind of maternity clothes. The very first thing is that the maternity clothes, which you plan to choose, should roughly match the size of your regular clothing. But it should have space for your weight gain. In case you are gaining weight at a high speed then it is better to take a plus size so as to be more comfortable. In case you are not very sure about the size that should be bought by you then just have a look at the size chart as well as description, which is generally offered by almost all the online clothing stores.

In fact it is always better to go with a plus size as in pregnancy you are expected to gain weight and it will be more comfortable for you to carry yourself in loose fitting clothing. Your maternity clothes should have enough room for your weight gain. Remember the weight of pregnant lady increases until she delivers; therefore you need to provide ample of space for the baby to grow comfortably. Never make a mistake of going for tight nursing bras or maternity clothes as they might create problems for you as well as your baby. So whatever kind of maternity clothes you are looking for just make sure to compare the prices so as get the best deal.

March 15

Five Add Ons That Onesurely Can’t Fail To Make Use Of

The Fashion world is very ruthless, and there is no real space for any kind of slip-ups. You can either be the star or the wannabe, all in the small space of precious 15 seconds. So, what does it really take to carry that fantastic dress of yours. Or that cool denim jeans that you have

Well, here are the must have accessories that you should never dress without:

1. Watches- Cool Style Statement, Oh yeah! They can make a bigger style statement than a big air balloon and that is because it has been studied that of the 5 things you notice about an individual- Watches figure. You need to make sure that you wear a watch that suits the mood and beat of the occasion that you’re going for and that it matches your dress. Black always works.

2. Shoes- Shoes, nothing like them. Heels, might sound very tempting, but don’t go for them. It can for sure destroy your health and can for sure take away your really natural poise. Wear shoes that are not very bright, and that blend with your dress. Don’t wear a shoe to show a shoe, wear it only as a part of the whole cloth.

3. Wallets/Handbags- Now these should be chosen with care, you should make sure that you don’t go too flashy ones. The point is, people should observe you, not your handbag. Brown is the coolest colour.

4. Jewelery- For ladies, I would suggest to keep it to a minimum,that would make them look more attractive. For men, a very harmless bracelet would do the trick.

5. Attitude- Now, most people would think of showing attitude as being really cool, to me attitude is about yourself. Just be what you are.

So these are 5 things that you must complete attention too.

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February 15

Princess Dresses – Quick Facts

Online stores are selling eye-catching princess dresses at a very low price. There are vast collections that people may choose from. Today, you can select from 100s of distinctive dresses.
The industry surrounding princess dresses are so developed that you can easily dig up well matched accessories. Overall, the whole idea of these dresses is to make a girl experience the feeling of being a princess.
With extraordinarily stunning dresses or accessories for fitting all budgets, there are loads of dresses for sale. So girls find it very to easy to get everything they wish, when it comes to dressing like a princess. That way, they can prepare for their special days without spending a queen’s ransom.
To help customers get what they wish to have, online stores now offer gracious and conversant staff. And not to mention the simple to navigate web sites. So, finding a matching princess dress is now easier and more fun. Online stores now have 1000s of dresses in stock. They are ready for instant shipment right at daily discount prices. Anybody can visit this kind of online stores to get glimpses of a comprehensive line of girly dresses.
And sky is the limit for modern princess-like dresses. To stay ahead in the competition, dress makers and marketers are literally on their toes. For instance, these days they are making musical waltz dresses. A set of such dress can come with purple musical gown, lilac feather boa and multiple lavender satin ribbon wristlets. Such pieces can fit completely in a traditional gift bag.
At the other end of the spectrum, there are costume discounters that are marketed as adult princess costumes. Even adults get the feeling like Cinderella wearing those. These ‘adult versions’ of princess dresses are meant to turn heads and halt conversations. This is just what a woman wants when she enters a party room.
Many of such costume features full-length blue, pink or other vibrant color satin along with brocade ball gown. This gets touchier with attached peplum, a hoop petticoat, extended white gloves, bejeweled choker and an attractive sequined tiara.
And talking of princess dress, there are special ones for babies aging up to 6 months. For instance, there are princess tutu dresses that feature layers of cozy pink tulle. This gets more fashionable better if finished off with silk flowers, which snaps off when you want to wash.

January 15

Nursing Bra: Breastfeeding’s Jack-of-all-trades

A lactating mother’s life is not an ordinary case-to-case basis. In fact, it’s one great example of multi-tasking, doing all the things at the same time. Normally, the lactating mother would wash the bottles, do the laundry, cook, and feed the baby. With everything coming off spontaneously, she needs a durable and reliable bra that will come off easily so as to feed the baby instantly.

This is where the nursing bra comes in.

A nursing bra is specifically made for lactating mothers, to provide ease and comfort when feeding the baby. It also gives instant access to the nipples enabling the mother to breastfeed the baby without having to remove her bra.

However, having a nursing bra is not enough to resolve the problem of breastfeeding the baby while doing other things at the same time. You still have to consider the right material that makes nursing bra an effective tool for easier breastfeeding.

Here are some tips:

1. Consider your breast size.

Keep in mind that breast size do change during pregnancy and post-maternity days. And so, the breast size you have before pregnancy may differ when you are into the second trimester of your pregnancy, and may even increase or decrease up to the time when you are already breastfeeding your baby.

And so, the best time for you to buy a nursing bra is during the second up to the last trimester of your pregnancy. This because your breasts are already at its biggest size and that your older bras may no longer fit well.

2. Consider the size.

When choosing a nursing bra, you should take note of its size. It should be large enough to give room for nursing pads. But do not neglect the support that you need as well in a nursing bra.

3. Know its features.

You should go for a nursing bra that has an easy-to-remove hook flaps. Take note that you are not merely wearing a nursing bra just for the heck of it. What counts most is the accessibility that you have on your nursing bra that enables you to feed the baby at once.

4. Consider added features.

If you want to reserve some milk before you get down to doing household chores, then you might want to consider a nursing bra that has an additional feature like a pumping system. Make sure that it offers you a free hands option.

5. Do not go for under-wired nursing bra.

It’s best that you get a nursing bra that is not equipped with under wires. This will only make your breastfeeding tedious. Plus, it might even block the milk ducts giving you a hard time producing milk.

6. Avoid nursing bras that have complete opening.

This kind of nursing bra is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers because it will give you a hard time snatching your breasts back in place.

7. Consider its material.

You should choose a nursing bra that is made of breathable fabric. This means that the cups should allow some air to pass through. Basically, the best material for a nursing bra is cotton, though some manufacturers are considering the use of new kinds of synthetics that offer air passage just the same.

8. Do not buy many nursing bras at the same time.

It is best that you do some testing first. Buy one nursing bra first then observe if it is good enough for your needs. If you liked it, then by all means buy yourself three or more.

Indeed, nursing bra may look just like the other ordinary bra but because of its special function, there are so many things to consider first before buying one. So, it is best to keep these pointers in mind so that you’ll not end up being frustrated. Remember that your baby can sense your emotions, and so, it might frustrate your baby too. With just a mere neglect on the right features of a nursing bra, you end up with so many