September 15

Victoria?s Secret Angels: The Best Models On Earth

Victoria secret has been known to give a push to the careers of a number of models and they should be really thankful to the this brand which not only makes a women look beautiful inside but even gives a high to their confidence. Models of Victoria?s Secret are referred to as Victoria?s Secret Angel. These handpicked models can be regarded as the brand ambassadors or spokesperson for Victoria?s. The angels made their debut in 1999 during the fourth annual Victoria?s Secret Fashion Show. It features models such as . Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Maria In?s Rivero and Rebecca Romijn. In case if you are getting tempted to model for Victoria?s Secret then let me tell you that one needs to appeal to the women and not men. You not only need to have just a great body but even a great personality and high levels of energy. One more thing the angels are also one of the highest paid models in the world garnering millions of dollars each year in their contracts. Some of these angels have even figures in the People?s Magazine Hundred Most Beautiful People in the World.

A history was made in 1999 when Victoria?s Secret broadcasted a live fashion show online at Times square which attracted nearly 1.5 million viewers which is a record in itself. The show even received advertisement at the Super Bowl. The fashion show conducted by Victoria?s secret attracts a lot of attention every year and people wait with baited breath for this event. You will see this show attracting entertainers, celebrities and special performers every year. Victoria?s Secret fashion trademark is their giant angle wings worn by the models of the size of peacock, butterfly and devil wings. After the final walk at the fashion show models come again to pose in the middle. Earlier the clothing designed was not available for the general public but since 2005 this has been done away with and you can buy your favorite pair of lingerie as seen on television. So go ahead and celebrate your feminism with Victoria?s Secret.