August 15

Show Your Greek Side

There are many sororities and fraternities on most college campuses across the United States and abroad. And while the members of these organizations tend to stick together they also need a way to show their pride and let the rest of campus know to which sorority or fraternity they belong. One way to do so is with Greek clothing. There are lots of different types of sorority clothing and fraternity clothing including sweatshirts, t-shirts, flip flops, and other accessories like picture frames and candles. But, when would you ever need Greek clothing? There are actually quite a few occasions!

Greek Week
Most college campuses have Greek week so it is only fitting that each sorority and fraternity have their very own t-shirts with their Greek letters on them. That way everyone on campus knows who is in Sigma Pi and who is in Kappa Alpha as well as the rest of the houses. Not to mention it is a great way for fraternities and sororities to remember Greek week.

Greeks are known for having several events each year. These include fundraisers, walks, dances, parties, parents’ weekend, and more. All of these events are worth remembering and Greek clothing is a wonderful way to do so.

The biggest event that takes place in the Greek society each fall, and sometimes in the Spring as well, is rush. This is when all of the new pledges find a fraternity or sorority they want to be part of and go through a series of activities to pledging that particular house. At the end of rush some of the rushes become new members of the sorority or fraternity they rushed. A great way to commemorate this event is with a t-shirt or picture frame with Greek letters and a picture of the pledge class.

Other Greek accessories like candles, picture frames, mugs, and the like make wonderful gifts to family and friends as well as other sorority or fraternity members. Commemorating your brotherhood or sisterhood with a Greek gift is always a good idea and one that will be appreciated.
There are certainly many other occasions where Greek clothing and Greek accessories would come in hand. For example, license plate covers, car stickers, key chains, and the like are all enjoyed by members of sororities and fraternities. Everyone wants to show his or her pride and a wonderful way to do is with this type of item.