July 15

The ‘get It Right’ 80s Vintage Guide

Well it’s official, the eighties are back with a vengeance! Love it or hate it, we guarantee you’ll succumb to at least one eighties trend by the end of the year!

Sure you can pick up some eighties inspired fashion from a high street chain or designer label, but why not go all out authentic (and save a packet) but buying original vintage?

With a whole array of vintage to choose from, from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in-between, how can you be sure you get it just right? In this guide we explore the eighties trends you should be following and how to wear them at their best…

Acid Wash Denim
Very Agness Deyn, acid wash denim is back and as punchy as ever. We’ve seen some glorious mini dresses, skirts, shorts and ripped jeans, all of which can be found in there original vintage form. And if you’re handy with a Singer, find some vintage acid wash jeans and make your own hot pants or mini for the summer. Don’t forget jackets too, keep them cropped and fitted or blazer shape for a look that’s bang on trend.

Available in both long and short sleeves, the batwing has made a few appearances in recent years, so if you’re lucky you might already own one. This time it’s all about the colour, pattern and detail. Stripes, polka dots, nudes and sparkles are most definitely in. Material can be thick and knitted or fine and silky. The ever flattering batwing can also be used in the multi layer look, perfectly versitile.

Bold Colour
Neons are fab and oh so hot, but as long as it’s bright, block and in no way understated, then you’re right where you need to be. This trends are bound to build momentum as the summer months approach, so get buying now. Clashing is encouraged so get creative. We’re talking orange dress, cerise heels and lime accessories ? but if you’re brave enough to carry this off then don’t forget the St.Tropez!

We’ve all had enough of the doom and gloom, so glitz and glamour has been reignited to make us all feel extra special! Sequins make an appearance on many other looks – jumpsuits, blazers and one shoulder dresses. You can find lots of sequinned eighties vintage gems, or buy something plain and get customising!

Not for the faint hearted, zips are mega eighties and mega trashy! Best in black, look for tops, dresses, jackets and skirts with oversize or contrast colour zip detail. This is one trend that must be kept in isolation, don’t mix multiple zipped separates if you want to keep your chic factor.

Polka Dots
Think Grease, Fame and Barbie. Polka dots are a cute and easy to find print that can be mixed, matched and worn in any colour combo. Best kept to dresses and skirts, but found on some snappy little blouses, polka is even more tongue in cheek than the first time round. For extra punch, try oversize dots and for sleek summer tailoring go for tiny ditsy print.

One Shoulder
A one shoulder dress will blast you into the outer fashion stratosphere and beyond. Seen all over the latest red carpets, this look has just the right balance of sex appeal, glamour and class. For fun holiday wear try a micro mini one shoulder dress or a printed one shoulder play suit. For the pinnacle of evening wear chic, go for an all out floor length gown in simple shimmering fabric.

Never to be confused with the (very naff) catsuit, your jumpsuit should be big and blousey. Shoulder pads or overworked shoulders are good, buttons are great and drawstrings and sequins add glamour and grace. Make sure your jumpsuit can be pulled in at the waist and keep trousers wide, not tapered. For the summer months, go for a sweet and sexy short playsuit (loads of pretty prints available) This wearable trend could take you right through to 2010 so invest wisely. Or just buy enough to feed your fix all year! No decent vintage boutique or website will be without these all-in-one gems so get searching… NOW!

If you don’t own one already then you need to get shopping! The perfect item to give your outfit that tailored or boyfriend edge. A masculine shape is preferable, tartans and checks are edgier and big buttons are a must! Dark colours will be more versatile but don’t be afraid to try bright whites, electric blues or ruby reds!

So there we have it, our distinct guide to wearing eighties trends the right way. These rebirths can go horribly wrong but with a little guidance you can make them work in your favour. And remember, the best thing about buying vintage is the reassurance that you’ll be the only girl wearing that outfit. And we all know how great that feels….

April 15

Maternity Clothes Not Only Comfortable But Also A Bit Fashionable

At the time of pregnancy, you require to choose the appropriate kind of maternity clothes that are not only comfortable but also a bit fashionable. Well, the fact is that sooner you start shopping for the maternity clothes, the better it is. There is absolutely no point in jostling to squeeze your body to get into your regular clothes. Comfortable maternity clothes have a number of benefits. These clothes even decrease your chances of experiencing morning sickness.

You need to consider some factors before going for the right kind of maternity clothes. The very first thing is that the maternity clothes, which you plan to choose, should roughly match the size of your regular clothing. But it should have space for your weight gain. In case you are gaining weight at a high speed then it is better to take a plus size so as to be more comfortable. In case you are not very sure about the size that should be bought by you then just have a look at the size chart as well as description, which is generally offered by almost all the online clothing stores.

In fact it is always better to go with a plus size as in pregnancy you are expected to gain weight and it will be more comfortable for you to carry yourself in loose fitting clothing. Your maternity clothes should have enough room for your weight gain. Remember the weight of pregnant lady increases until she delivers; therefore you need to provide ample of space for the baby to grow comfortably. Never make a mistake of going for tight nursing bras or maternity clothes as they might create problems for you as well as your baby. So whatever kind of maternity clothes you are looking for just make sure to compare the prices so as get the best deal.

January 15

Nursing Bra: Breastfeeding’s Jack-of-all-trades

A lactating mother’s life is not an ordinary case-to-case basis. In fact, it’s one great example of multi-tasking, doing all the things at the same time. Normally, the lactating mother would wash the bottles, do the laundry, cook, and feed the baby. With everything coming off spontaneously, she needs a durable and reliable bra that will come off easily so as to feed the baby instantly.

This is where the nursing bra comes in.

A nursing bra is specifically made for lactating mothers, to provide ease and comfort when feeding the baby. It also gives instant access to the nipples enabling the mother to breastfeed the baby without having to remove her bra.

However, having a nursing bra is not enough to resolve the problem of breastfeeding the baby while doing other things at the same time. You still have to consider the right material that makes nursing bra an effective tool for easier breastfeeding.

Here are some tips:

1. Consider your breast size.

Keep in mind that breast size do change during pregnancy and post-maternity days. And so, the breast size you have before pregnancy may differ when you are into the second trimester of your pregnancy, and may even increase or decrease up to the time when you are already breastfeeding your baby.

And so, the best time for you to buy a nursing bra is during the second up to the last trimester of your pregnancy. This because your breasts are already at its biggest size and that your older bras may no longer fit well.

2. Consider the size.

When choosing a nursing bra, you should take note of its size. It should be large enough to give room for nursing pads. But do not neglect the support that you need as well in a nursing bra.

3. Know its features.

You should go for a nursing bra that has an easy-to-remove hook flaps. Take note that you are not merely wearing a nursing bra just for the heck of it. What counts most is the accessibility that you have on your nursing bra that enables you to feed the baby at once.

4. Consider added features.

If you want to reserve some milk before you get down to doing household chores, then you might want to consider a nursing bra that has an additional feature like a pumping system. Make sure that it offers you a free hands option.

5. Do not go for under-wired nursing bra.

It’s best that you get a nursing bra that is not equipped with under wires. This will only make your breastfeeding tedious. Plus, it might even block the milk ducts giving you a hard time producing milk.

6. Avoid nursing bras that have complete opening.

This kind of nursing bra is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers because it will give you a hard time snatching your breasts back in place.

7. Consider its material.

You should choose a nursing bra that is made of breathable fabric. This means that the cups should allow some air to pass through. Basically, the best material for a nursing bra is cotton, though some manufacturers are considering the use of new kinds of synthetics that offer air passage just the same.

8. Do not buy many nursing bras at the same time.

It is best that you do some testing first. Buy one nursing bra first then observe if it is good enough for your needs. If you liked it, then by all means buy yourself three or more.

Indeed, nursing bra may look just like the other ordinary bra but because of its special function, there are so many things to consider first before buying one. So, it is best to keep these pointers in mind so that you’ll not end up being frustrated. Remember that your baby can sense your emotions, and so, it might frustrate your baby too. With just a mere neglect on the right features of a nursing bra, you end up with so many

September 15

Victoria?s Secret Angels: The Best Models On Earth

Victoria secret has been known to give a push to the careers of a number of models and they should be really thankful to the this brand which not only makes a women look beautiful inside but even gives a high to their confidence. Models of Victoria?s Secret are referred to as Victoria?s Secret Angel. These handpicked models can be regarded as the brand ambassadors or spokesperson for Victoria?s. The angels made their debut in 1999 during the fourth annual Victoria?s Secret Fashion Show. It features models such as . Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Maria In?s Rivero and Rebecca Romijn. In case if you are getting tempted to model for Victoria?s Secret then let me tell you that one needs to appeal to the women and not men. You not only need to have just a great body but even a great personality and high levels of energy. One more thing the angels are also one of the highest paid models in the world garnering millions of dollars each year in their contracts. Some of these angels have even figures in the People?s Magazine Hundred Most Beautiful People in the World.

A history was made in 1999 when Victoria?s Secret broadcasted a live fashion show online at Times square which attracted nearly 1.5 million viewers which is a record in itself. The show even received advertisement at the Super Bowl. The fashion show conducted by Victoria?s secret attracts a lot of attention every year and people wait with baited breath for this event. You will see this show attracting entertainers, celebrities and special performers every year. Victoria?s Secret fashion trademark is their giant angle wings worn by the models of the size of peacock, butterfly and devil wings. After the final walk at the fashion show models come again to pose in the middle. Earlier the clothing designed was not available for the general public but since 2005 this has been done away with and you can buy your favorite pair of lingerie as seen on television. So go ahead and celebrate your feminism with Victoria?s Secret.