September 15

The True Value Of Handmade Silk Ties

Some may balk at the asking price of branded silk ties, questioning, is it just the name we?re paying for, only true to a point. There is a lot more than meets the eye inherent in a handmade, or machine made tie, each priced accordingly.

Quality by degrees, the difference between handmade, or machine made, silk count, individuality, and general specifications: The interlining, muslin, and wool, or synthetic fibre: Tipping; silk or taffeta: The make; labelling, elf loop, stitching.

My aim was to draw comparison between handmade and machine made in less than 600 words. Having interacted at all points along the supply chain, from design concept to retail, I had to learn the basic constructs of a tie and its components before I could honestly profess knowledge on the subject.

A hand made is identifiable by opening up the small tip at the narrow end, you will notice a small thread of cotton looped. This is known as the slip thread, and, in spite of technological advances in the sartorial trades can only be achieved by very skilful hands, its labour intensive, hence the additional cost.

Another thing worth mention is you can get only tow ties out of one meter of fabric.

From it are three pieces, known as the blade, the gusset and the under end; threaded together correctly intently to prevent the tie from twisting.

The slip thread will ensure many years? good knottage and spring back into shape after every use. And there is less friction too, extending its life span.

Now the scale of economies starts to favour.

However not all budgets can stretch so far, in these cases a good machine made will suffice quite adequately, besides most laymen cannot tell the difference, or even distinguish between silk and polyester.

The choice of fabrics from Italy, England, China and Japan are enviable, offering and infinite selection of finely woven silks in any colour and pattern combination you heart could possibly desire.

They too vary according to silk count and dying method, either weighted dyes or acid.

English weavers choose acid dyes, which result in an iridescent three dimensional appearance, un-weighted; they require a much higher silk count to achieve density, resulting in a raw brilliance and luxurious handle quite unique to England. Most Savile row tailors and many internationally renowned brands cut a regular path to the doorways of these bespoke weavers scattered sparsely throughout the country side.

Italian weavers are a completely different culture, preferring the muffled colours given off by gum based dyes. And the choice of colours is muted in comparison, shades of greys and blacks, or at the other end of the scale soft pastel colours. Italian style is governed by North South.

No one can compete with China on sheer mass production, affording the masses a little luxury; 100% silk ties.

Now days China is working more in coalition with the west and less in competition, as there are mutual benefits to be shared and past on to the customer.

In conclusion; there is no accounting for taste, suited to style, no matter how great or small the cost.

Here are a few brands that stand out from all the others; Zegna, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Simon Carter, Duchamp and Victoria Richards. Other noteworthy names; available mainly online; Shane McCoubrey, Ian Flaherty, Patrick McMurray, Mira and Michelsons. All adhere to key elements of good design and have a constant ebb and flow of styles.

On the cufflinks front, well that?s another story on its own.

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June 15

Innovations On The Swimwear

Through the years the swimwear has definitely evolve. What used to cover women taking a swim in the beach are now becoming smaller and teensy weensy covering only small parts of the body. But most guys would have to admit though that going to the beach is a bit more fun especially with a spectacular view of sexy women in their bikinis or swimwear that look absolutely great.

As the needs of the people change so has the swimwear. In fact, you can find swimwear in a variety of fabrics nowadays and swimsuit manufacturers are continually innovating, creating new designs and even new technology just to create the perfect swimming line for women out there.

Consumers are always after the value for their money and so manufacturers are constantly discovering new textiles to make the swimwear last longer and to withstand the damaging effects of chlorine in pools or the salt from the sea. Women are now looking for swimwear that not only look great on them but are also durable and made of good quality materials.

Nowadays you will find swimwear that helps block ultra violet light. I guess the creation of such came about after so many people have been diagnosed with skin cancer with frequent exposure to the sun. As we are all aware of, many people enjoy hanging out at the beach to enjoy the heat after experiencing cold winter months. Many spend prolonged time of sunbathing under the scorching rays of the sun. This calls for the use of sunscreen products as well as swimwear and clothes with UV protection that help shield us from the harmful ultra violet rays. Besides clothes like these are not only applicable when we go to the beach, we can even use them when we spend time outdoors.

Some swimwear can even block to as much as 90% thereby helping prevent skin cell damage. The suit even continues to block the UV rays even if it is wet unlike that of sunscreen that often gets washed off when we take a dip in the beach or the pool. This is the reason why we need to retouch on sunscreen.

In addition to the suits, there are light jackets and sarongs that are also UV blocking to enable you to still have that chic and stylish look.

The market is truly filled with a lot of swimwear styles and designs to choose from to cater to almost every need that anybody would easily get confused on what to purchase. Who knows what more these swimwear manufacturers would think of next.

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March 15

Five Add Ons That Onesurely Can’t Fail To Make Use Of

The Fashion world is very ruthless, and there is no real space for any kind of slip-ups. You can either be the star or the wannabe, all in the small space of precious 15 seconds. So, what does it really take to carry that fantastic dress of yours. Or that cool denim jeans that you have

Well, here are the must have accessories that you should never dress without:

1. Watches- Cool Style Statement, Oh yeah! They can make a bigger style statement than a big air balloon and that is because it has been studied that of the 5 things you notice about an individual- Watches figure. You need to make sure that you wear a watch that suits the mood and beat of the occasion that you’re going for and that it matches your dress. Black always works.

2. Shoes- Shoes, nothing like them. Heels, might sound very tempting, but don’t go for them. It can for sure destroy your health and can for sure take away your really natural poise. Wear shoes that are not very bright, and that blend with your dress. Don’t wear a shoe to show a shoe, wear it only as a part of the whole cloth.

3. Wallets/Handbags- Now these should be chosen with care, you should make sure that you don’t go too flashy ones. The point is, people should observe you, not your handbag. Brown is the coolest colour.

4. Jewelery- For ladies, I would suggest to keep it to a minimum,that would make them look more attractive. For men, a very harmless bracelet would do the trick.

5. Attitude- Now, most people would think of showing attitude as being really cool, to me attitude is about yourself. Just be what you are.

So these are 5 things that you must complete attention too.

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December 15

Plus Sized Lingerie Can Be Sexy

Women are meant to be curvy, and there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who can embrace her curves and feel confident as well as sexy.

How is a woman supposed to feel sexy when the plus sized lingerie available on the market is often so unattractive? Plus sized does not mean that you are sentenced to a life of mu-mus and animal prints. Perhaps, you can be inspired by a trip to a lingerie store this evening, which features one small plus sized rack containing items such as a zebra striped gown trimmed with red roses and a leopard print nightie with pink flowers.

You first thought may be to wonder exactly who would wear these or what woman could possibly look sexy in these? Why are there not more sexy lingerie pieces on the market that are suited for plus sized women? The fact is that there are lots of beautiful lingerie sets available for larger women, the problem is knowing where to look for them.

Do you realize that when you are searching for plus sized lingerie that you should look for comfort, quality, and style? You can not look sexy if you do not feel sexy, and you can not feel sexy if you feel uncomfortable in your lingerie. That is why it is so important to look for cups that will provide you with adequate support. Adjustable straps are essential as well as are soft and satiny materials that feels nice but may not breathe well. Lace is beautiful, but lace against bare skin can be uncomfortable, so look for lace that has fabric backing.

Another part of feeling comfortable is being able to feel confident. Even some of the most beautiful women in the world have a part of their body they are self conscious about. Some do not like their upper arms, while others find that their own thighs or stomachs are unappealing. A garment that conceals or draws attention away from your perceived flaws can give extra confidence. For upper arm concerns, then you should look for garments that include a sexy lace jacket.

For thigh worries, then perhaps you will want to select a garment that drapes to mid thigh. If your stomach is your concern, then try layered lingerie such as a teddy or camisole with matching overcoat, or patterns that are slimming. Simple things like that can boost your confidence, and there is nothing as sexy as a confident woman.

We all love a bargain, but no one wants to wear cheap, poorly made lingerie, but there is no reason you can not have the best of both worlds. There are several brands of lingerie, which are known for both their quality and value, and best of all, they feature amazing plus sized selections. There are many that are quickly becoming leading names in quality and value for plus sized and standard sized lingerie.

Two of these are Elegant Moments and Escante, which are plus sized trend setters. Style is the most difficult part in searching for plus sized lingerie. For reasons I will never understand, all too many plus-sized lingerie pieces feature unattractive, loud prints.

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