March 15

Five Add Ons That Onesurely Can’t Fail To Make Use Of

The Fashion world is very ruthless, and there is no real space for any kind of slip-ups. You can either be the star or the wannabe, all in the small space of precious 15 seconds. So, what does it really take to carry that fantastic dress of yours. Or that cool denim jeans that you have

Well, here are the must have accessories that you should never dress without:

1. Watches- Cool Style Statement, Oh yeah! They can make a bigger style statement than a big air balloon and that is because it has been studied that of the 5 things you notice about an individual- Watches figure. You need to make sure that you wear a watch that suits the mood and beat of the occasion that you’re going for and that it matches your dress. Black always works.

2. Shoes- Shoes, nothing like them. Heels, might sound very tempting, but don’t go for them. It can for sure destroy your health and can for sure take away your really natural poise. Wear shoes that are not very bright, and that blend with your dress. Don’t wear a shoe to show a shoe, wear it only as a part of the whole cloth.

3. Wallets/Handbags- Now these should be chosen with care, you should make sure that you don’t go too flashy ones. The point is, people should observe you, not your handbag. Brown is the coolest colour.

4. Jewelery- For ladies, I would suggest to keep it to a minimum,that would make them look more attractive. For men, a very harmless bracelet would do the trick.

5. Attitude- Now, most people would think of showing attitude as being really cool, to me attitude is about yourself. Just be what you are.

So these are 5 things that you must complete attention too.

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