December 11

The Benefits of Hiring a Janitorial Service

Cleanliness and organization are two important aspects of running a successful business. Even the most talented businessman or businesswoman will have a difficult time performing in a cluttered office full of dirt and grime. With this in mind, many companies will hire a janitorial service to come in on a regular basis and tidy up the office and its surroundings.
Cleaning companies will provide a wide array of services, some of which include:
A Around the office chores: Like a home, an office building will experience daily wear-and-tear. Workers will track in dirt, spill their drinks, and throw paper on the floor (in an attempt to make it in the trash bin). All the small things that are done to keep a household clean should be done in an office, and janitorial services will dust desks, sweep, mop, and vacuum floors, and do an overall tidying of every area in an office each night.
A Clean the bathrooms: Office buildings tend to have relatively large bathrooms with many stalls, urinals (in the men’s room) and sinks. Cleaning services will not make these bathrooms sanitary, but will also replace supplies as needed. (Paper supplies, Toilet paper, toilet seat covers, hand soap, urinal cakes, etc.)

A Emptying the trash: Most offices have a high number of trash receptacles. Janitorial service workers can be hired to walk through offices nightly and empty every trash bin, including the ones underneath each desk, those in the bathroom, and even the trash cans filled with lunch remnants in the break room.
A Window Cleaning: Businesses that are located in high-rise office buildings will be forced to have their windows professionally cleaned at least once a year. Many industrial cleaning companies offer a high-rise window cleaning service, a job that requires specialized equipment build to wash windows on the 10th floor and above.
Hiring a janitorial service company will not only increase the efficiency of an office, but will also allow for a clean and comfortable work environment.

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